About Us

"Iowa's largest dealer, since 1966"

Gary Doan opened Gary's OK Body Shop in 1966 with wife Collette. Gary was a hot-rodder and drag racer, and started his business as an auto repair shop. Gary soon discovered that the snowmobile industry was taking off after selling a couple of early models. Gary's has gone on to become the largest Ski-Doo dealer in the state of Iowa, and has customers from across the country, New York to California.


Gary's son Aaron has worked in the business since he was a boy, and today Aaron is the second generation owner of Gary's OK Body Shop. He continues providing quality products and service for the snowmobile and ATV community.


Gary's OK Body Shop, Ski-Doo & Can-Am works with the area's most qualified mechanic, Jerry Lauer, who first introduced Gary to snowmobiles and has worked with Gary and Aaron for nearly 50 years.


Aaron's daughter Alexa grew up helping out around the shop and has been riding snowmobiles since she was 2 1/2 years old. She has been working at Gary's since 2010.

Retro Shop Gary Doan's OK Body Shop vintage photo