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Gary's Ski-Doo Can-Am Lynx | Snowmobile & ATV Dealer in Independence, Iowa

LinQ Modular Box (10L)

SKU 715005494


The LinQ system offers great cargo space solutions. Our range of LinQ Modular Boxes are solid and durable. Your belongings will be safe and secured inside these tough, rugged-looking boxes. Boxes can be easily attached to a LinQ base, or even stacked one on top of the other to maximize your carrying capacity — no tools required. You’ll be packed and ready to go in no time! 


  • 10L (2.6 US Gal) of hard-sided modular cargo capacity.
  • Heavy duty construction with weather-resistant sealed lid.
  • Stackable with single LinQ bag or additional Modular Cargo Boxes for expanded storage.
  • Capable of mounting in multiple LinQ attachment location for added convenience.
  • LinQ branded.
  • Fits: Ski-Doo REV Gen5, Summit Neo, REV Gen4
  • Fits: Can-Am Defender, Maverick, Maverick X3, Outlander G2L, G2, Commander, Maverick Sport, Maverick Trail
  • Fits: Can-Am Ryker, Spyder RT


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